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The best $10 I ever spent

Do I really need that blueberry crumb cake? Of course not. But when I’m at a farmers’ market, I like to support all the home-based businesses I can. After all, they took the time to bake, package it, bring their wares to the market, set up a stand, then sell all day. It’s the least I could do.

Sometimes, I don’t like the things I buy. (I have a sweet tooth. To give you an example, I once had homemade maple ice cream with bits of maple sugar candy in it. Now, that’s over-the-top sweet, but I loved it. And although it is mid-morning I wouldn’t mind eating another one right now.) It doesn’t mean that the baked good is bad (what baked good is bad, after all?), but it just isn’t my taste.

So, at a particularly slow farmers’ market, I try to buy something at every stand: pottery, fudge, a cupcake, a pulled pork sandwich, barbeque sauce. I stop at LemonTree pastries and desserts. I don’t recognize the vendor – turns out it is Dale Moser of Washington, N.H. – but the maple glazed cinnamon buns catch my eye. Do I need a dozen cinnamon buns? Of course not. But I hand over my Alexander Hamilton and she lovingly (I’m serious about this) places my treat in a plastic bag and hands it to me.

To my credit, I waited until I got home to try one. Hmmm. The maple icing was divine, but the pastry seems a bit dry. I know she made it this morning, so I microwave the second bun for a dozen seconds. And what do you know: that was the best cinnamon bun I ever ate. I am immediately jealous of her two children and four grandchildren. I’m wondering why I didn’t buy the second dozen. I’m wondering if they freeze well.

If you happen to see Dale this summer at the Newport Farmers’ Market, do not hesitate to part with $10, especially if you have a sweet tooth like mine. Learn more about Dale at