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Fish & chips

I should never, never, ever, wait too long to get lunch.

It’s 1:30 p.m. and I have to take a trip to Newport, NH, to deliver some Kearsarge Magazines to Violette’s Supermarket. (The spring issue sold out, for the third time.) I’m so hungry that I don’t bring enough magazines for the two stands at the registers. But because I’m hungry I notice that they have a fish & chips special for Good Friday. I make my way back to the deli and order it for lunch.

I found a fork at the salad bar (BTW, it’s rare to find a salad bar these days, especially for take out, and Violette’s has a good one) and pick up my order. It’s in a paper bag. I was expecting a carry out container, but they were probably expecting me to eat it at home. Which I did hope to do – the fork was just in case I ran out of time before my next appointment. But it smelled. so. good. that I had to take a bite. Then another. Then another.

I apologize to the woman in the car next to me. I apologize to the pedestrians. I apologize to the man in the truck who parked on the other side of me. The fish was melt in your mouth, and the fries were perfectly done (big wedge potato fries). It was going in, and it was going in fast – paper bag or not.

I picked up a few more things while I was in the store, like a warm loaf of wheat bread and pistachio muffins. (Just a reminder to you all to never shop while hungry.) I noticed that the prices on a lot of items were the same as the big box stores (Triscuit were 2 for $4, for example). And I noticed the hometown customer service. A man asks the cashier where the eggs are, and she replies, “Gary, the eggs are in the back corner.” A woman enters the sliding front doors and says, to everyone in hearing distance, “Happy Easter!” Even the man delivering the clean, white butcher aprons was  super polite (I was clearly in the way, and he had a much bigger load than I did). If you’re looking for a hometown grocery store, you might want to give Violette’s a try.

I, ahem, recommend the fish & chips.