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Artistic Meters Auction in Claremont, N.H.

Interested in parking meter art in your home? Here’s your chance! These vintage meters were originally functioning parking meters up until the 70s and 80s in the City of Claremont, and were in storage until 2014 when they City Council gave them to the committee for fundraising purposes. Now they have been artistically reimagined by local artists, and you can bid on them!


The meters feature a wide variety of techniques and scenes, including Claremont’s City Hall clock tower, beautiful nature scenes, a frog, and abstract art. One piece was decorated by youth from the local Drawing Club who cut their hands out of paper, decorated them, and combined them together on the meter as a mixed media piece. Artists that donated their time and creativity include Randy Adams, Stephanie Zara, Michelle Swenson, Susan Tuttle, and Nance Jewel Durkee, with thanks to Laura Syria as leader of the Drawing Club.

The public are invited to view the meters on display now at the Claremont Visitor’s Center, 14 North Street in Claremont, and place their bids until Monday, Aug. 31. Bids will be accepted electronically until 4:30 pm on that day. A closing reception at the Claremont Visitor’s Center also on Aug. 31 will be held 5 to 6 p.m., where final bids will be accepted in person, and announcement of the winners will be made at the closing. Light refreshments will be provided by Time-Out Americana Grill and Claremont 250th merchandise will be available for sale and auction.

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