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Today is the day for the Hanover Farmers’ Market

The Hanover Area Farmers’ Market started in 2007 on the top of the parking lot and moved to the Dartmouth Green in 2008, where is has remained as part of the community ever since. It runs from June to October, and there is free parking on Wheelock Street just for farmers’ market customers. Sally Wilson, market manager, answers a few questions about this New Hampshire market.


* What differentiates your farmers’ market?

Our mid-week Wednesday Market in Hanover runs from 3 to 6 p.m. and attracts a large number of business folks, young families and students. Because of this we focus on making the market a community event each week. There is always live music, often special themes such as Heirloom Tomato Tasting Day or Family Day and we always have plenty of prepared foods for people to stay, eat an early dinner and socialize with family and friends. Our focus continues to be on bringing farm fresh quality products to the center of town.


* How do farmers’ markets help farms and small businesses?
Our market allows smaller business that might not be known locally to bring their product to Market once a week. They can talk directly to the consumer and both educate and learn from them. It is a great way to get feedback without spending a large amount of money. I believe they enjoy the environment and talking to the other vendors as well.


* How do farmers’ markets help local residents?

Our customers look forward to a wonderful variety of local products being available to them each week in an idyllic setting. Many families bring blankets and coolers and buy their dinner at the Market. There is a wonderful feeling of kids playing ball, local bands entertaining those that want to stay, and plenty of room on the Dartmouth Green to shop and enjoy. We even have chefs come from the local restaurants to pick up special fresh items for that evening.


* What will you find at the Hanover market?

The Hanover Farmers’ Market has about 30 vendors brings products from three categories: AGRICULTURE – produce, meats, dairy, fruits, flowers, maple products, sheep wool and more; PREPARED FOODS – Thai food, pierogis, kettle corn, salsa, jellies and sauces, baked goods, falafel, pizza, crepes, artisanal breads, sandwiches, salads; and CRAFTS – jewelry, baskets, turned wood, yarn products, body products, etc.



This looks like a good place for an airport

At one time in the early days of flying, the Dartmouth Outing Club was approached by an aviation company which imagined that it was practical to smooth off a suitable landing field on the top of the mountain and fly passengers to and from the summit. We have been told that there is a fairly level place on the north slope which perhaps could have been leveled off, but the wind would have blown away any gravel put on it — as well as airplanes or anything else that wasn’t securely anchored. The airport proposition was firmly resisted by Dartmouth College. Let’s just say it never got off the ground.

— Except from Over the River and Through the Years, Book Five, by Katharine Blasidell. Published by the Journal Opinion in Bradford, Vt., in 1983