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Young talent

Sometimes I have bakery weekends; this must be my art weekend. Driving through Tilton on my magazine delivery route, I noticed a new gallery on Main Street: Artisan’s Gallery of Tilton. It’s two storefronts of some pretty impressive work. Artisans in the Tilton/Franklin area supply the shop with their artwork, volunteer to staff the shop and work together to promote the talent in town. I happened to stop by on the weekend after the Winnisquam Regional High School Student Artist art show. Sorry I wasn’t able to take any pictures – the gallery does not allow photography – so you’ll have to take my word that there are some really talented students. If you want to take a look, the Artisan’s Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The show will be up until Sunday, May 17.

Nothing could be finer than eating in a diner

picture-063 Family outing to Tilton, and on the way home we stopped by the Tilton Diner. Kids had a blast wearing paper hats and listening to some fun, 1950s tunes (although we did hear some Doors and Stones, too). Waitress was a total hoot – when we asked her about one menu item, she said, “Some people love it, but, frankly, I think it is disgusting.” And she gave us the list of ingredients. We laughed, but really appreciated her honesty – there was one ingredient (a spice) that would have made the dish a no for us. Everyone cleaned their plates – and still had room for dessert…the Toll House Pie was awesome. It said on the placemat that a Common Man restaurant is opening in Claremont later this year…not sure if it will be a diner, but the food will be good!picture-060

What recession?

picture-102 I wasn’t brave enough to tackle Black Friday, but I did venture out on Saturday. I did as much shopping as I could locally (see next blog), then drove to Tilton to run errands: check to see how my kids’s clothes sold at consignment shop Growing Like a Weed, Gap (I had a return and a $10 certificate) and Jockey (I had a $20 rewards certificate). The parking lot was packed – not a single open parking space in site. There was a bus waiting for its passengers. Cash registers had lines of seven or more people. I’m not sure why I am hearing about low retail numbers on the news every day – I certainly saw quite a bit of retail activity happening on Saturday. (And I’m not using Tilton as my only example. After Tilton I went to Concord, Manchester and Bedford…and I had to travel all away around the Mall of NH to find a parking space for a return at Sears.) Maybe folks are getting into the holiday spirit after all?