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Newbury’s historic treasures

I know it’s a bit early, but you might want to mark your calendar for this event: “Newbury’s Historic Treasures: Our Lake Lodges and Farmhouses” on Saturday, August 15. It’s a fundraiser for the Center Meeting House in Newbury, which is currently in the stages of being restored. (You may remember driving on Route 103 and seeing the building lifted up as the foundation was repaired. Quite a sight.) For the cost of a ticket ($15 pre-buy or $20 day of the tour), you’ll be able to tour eight historic homes. I predict great success for this event; everyone likes to look inside other people’s homes and this gives you a chance to do so while supporting a good cause. Tickets are available at Morgan Hill Bookstore in New London or Marzelli Deli in Newbury.

Just imagine the skiing

picture-0021 With all this snow, you can imagine what a great skiing season this has been. These photos are of Mount Sunapee in Newbury. My son skis every Thursday with a school group. With the exception of one day, the skies have been clear and the sun has been shining brightly. Add a base of awesome snow (their web site says 3 to 4 feet of base snow) and he’s had a great time this year.

Grantham isn’t the only school district taking advantage of the mountain; I learned that Sunapee also has a five-week ski program for $50. School kids can take the bus over with a group every Thursday and try out a new sport. Man, I wish I had that opportunity as a kid. I took downhill lessons in my teens – and I was old enough to have some fear and know that falling could be a bad thing. So it was cross country from there on out for me.

Anyway, these kids range in age from 5 to 11, and it is pretty spectacular to see them zooming down the mountain. No fear and having a great time. There were quite a few out-of-town families trying to give their kids the same experience. I chatted with a dad from New Jersey in the warming hut; he and his wife brought their three kids to Sunapee for a week to learn to ski. It was his daughter’s first time on the mountain (she was taking lessons from a Mount Sunapee instructor) and he had the camera clicking away. I realized how lucky I was to live here (we live 20 minutes from the mountain) and it was a good reminder to take advantage of all the opportunities we have here in the Kearsarge area.

Sunny SunFest

It was a quiet day at the third annual SunFest in Newbury. It may be because a surprisingly sunny and warm fall day meant the last of the yard work or house projects for some, or because ChowderFest was happening at the same time in Sunapee Harbor. It was still a fun day – I entered to win a home energy audit, bid on several raffle items provided by sponsors, and met several readers of Kearsarge Magazine. One lady had every issue, except for two 2005 issues, and she was on the lookout for back issues. (Now, that’s the kind of reader I like!) I met Bruce Cronin, who was profiled in the fall 2008 issue and stocked him up with copies to give to friends.

I also had an ionic foot bath, courtesy of Linda Howes, and released some of the toxins from my body. Not sure what made the water turn brown – I’ll spare you the “after” photo of my footbath water, but I’ll have you know I did take one – but I should probably take a break from the diet soda. The highlight for me: the music was spectacular – outdoor concerts happened all day and into the early evening. I’d definitely mark your calendar for it next year!

Nice people

It’s only open on sunny Sundays, so you have to make a point to visit Pick Up Sticks, located on Route 103 in Newbury. I was very impressed with the flowers that never die – hand carved wood flowers by Joyce Workman of Contoocook. She watched her father carve them as a child, and later picked up her own 99 cent utility knife. She carves them out of poplar, and it takes her 10 minutes to peel down a 3/4 inch branch into a flower. She was nice enough to give me my own bouquet for my visit (I’ll be writing about their shop in an upcoming issue) and it sits on my desk to remind me that some people are just plain nice.

This is my sandwich

I’m going to ignore the fact that I write so much about food. (Hey, I love to eat!) But I had to take a photo of my sandwich that I picked up at Newbury News today. It is a ham and cheddar on a bulky roll (with Peter Christian’s mustard), and it was awesome. I ate it while hanging out in Newbury Harbor waiting for the antique boat parade.

What I enjoyed almost as much as the sandwich was that the folks at Newbury News were very funny and very friendly. There’s a covered plate of “pork bites” on the counter. I’ve had them before – roast pork, carved like your mom would, on a tiny bun with PC’s mustard. Two guys, waiting for their order, kept eyeballing the last two pork bites. After they heard the cashier and I talking about how good they were, they tried them. I was going to stick around to see how they liked them, but my sandwich was calling my name. Oh, and that lemon breakfast loaf I brought home for breakfast that didn’t last until breakfast…

Crafts & Music & More

If nothing else, the NH League of Craftsman Fair in Newbury inspired me to make my home more…inspiring. I loved being surrounded by all the beautiful things, even if it was just as I wandered through a tent. I was able to say hello to New London’s Laura Chowanski of New London (and buy one of her intricate fabric obsession bags); photographer Judy Lombardi of White River Junction, Vt.; Henniker’s Gigi Laberge (who was setting up her wonderful fused glass jewelry and art); and see newer work from those who’ve been written about in the pages of Kearsarge Magazine: Terry Moore, Ray Lagasse, Steve and Sue Russell, and David Pellerin. I was sorely tempted by Unique Ewe’s mittens and J. Ann Eldridge’s prints (I just bought “Blue Tarp” a few weeks ago), but just grabbed business cards for later purchases. I’m lucky to live so close to so much talent. 

The best playground EVER

Today we went to the new Velie Memorial Playground in Newbury. It is a really nice location – next to the library on Route 103 – and set back from the road. There’s plenty of shade (some playgrounds are in the direct sun and get scorching hot, including the metal that little hands touch) and offered plenty of activities for all ages. I lost count of all the climbing walls. Henry was overwhelmed at first, but eventually warmed up to the idea of playing on such a big playground. We played for over an hour. Then it was off to lunch at Digby’s. It was my first time there, and we decided to sit outside. For some reason – maybe because I had never heard anyone mention the restaurant – I didn’t expect the food to be good, but I was pleasantly surprised. My mom’s sandwich was definitely better than mine (it had an artichoke cheese dip on the top) and we all enjoyed the fries.

Visiting my peeps

It was such a nice day that I decided to leave the my desk and visit some folks. I asked my mom to go with me – a great way to combine work with a little mother/daughter time. We headed off to Newbury, where I stopped in to take some photos at Sunapee Landing Trading Company (see April xx blog). No matter how many times we circled the store, I still don’t think we saw everything. Bill even opened a new room and filled it with antiques.

Then we went to Bubba’s for lunch. I ordered a shrimp appetizer and a cobb salad, and both were really yummy. My mom ordered the cobb sandwich and sweet potato fries. The service was great – our waitress didn’t rush us nor did she forget about us. We were done in an hour.

After Bubba’s, we headed to Sunapee Harbor to check out MoRae’s new location (lovely) and Harbor Gallery’s progress in the new first-level space (getting there). Then we actually had time to stop at Artisan’s and get a baby gift for one of the magazine’s writers. Although it wasn’t a sales day for me (I didn’t sell ads), I sure did provide some sales for other folks! Just doing my job to support the local economy…ha ha.

Busy bees in Newbury

Summer is on the way. How do I know? Newbury is buzzing with activity. Bob’s Beacon Marina employees were polishing boats. Outspokin’ employees met you at the door. Marzelli Deli had a line of people buying items for dinner – a loaf of garlic bread, wine, lasagnas to go. Newbury News, well, you couldn’t even find a parking space in the lot. Realtors were not at their desks – they were out selling. Now, I know Newbury is a year-round town with year-round residents, but it was so nice to see everyone out after a long winter. You’ll know the summer is here when the information booth opens and the hot dog man starts making an appearance on Route 103. Look for the new playground to open this summer and the return of the farmer’s market in a few months.