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The little log cabin

IMG_0667    Follow Route 10 out of Newport, past Goshen and into Lempster, and you’ll find The Little Log Cabin – a farm stand, bakery, artisan’s market and antique store all in one building. It’s open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Totally worth the drive – you’ll find a little treasure you didn’t know you needed, and some really good coffee cake!


The view’s still great

I don’t know why Groton is all het up over windmills. They don’t ruin the view. They aren’t that loud (it just sounds like ocean waves if it is a windy day). They don’t kill birds; I saw plenty of them. There won’t be any housing developments going in; the windmills serve as a conservation easement of sorts. And they’re a much better option than all that black goop washing up on beaches. I spent hours with a homeowner in Lempster this week, met the folks that build and maintain the windmills, and took plenty of photos. I learned a lot. I learned things I didn’t know. And, frankly, if the cows don’t mind the windmills, neither do I.

Fermented apples (and other fruit)

Picture 029 It’s not my favorite activity – loading the family into the car and taking a drive to see the scenery. (In this case, the foliage.) But I’m okay with it if we have a destination and, this time, we did: Silver Mountain Ciders in Lempster. Last summer, we picked up their product in Georges Mills and enjoyed it. Today we got to see how they made it. Cindy Brzezinski gave us a tour of the facilities and then my husband got to do the tasting. (We know that the apple wine has a real kick, so only one of us tasted.) Everyone is really nice, and you’re sure to find a flavor that you’ll enjoy. We picked up a few bottles, including two of Silver Mountain’s new flavors, to enjoy at home. Today Cindy and Steve Miner (shown in the photo giving a tasting) will be pitting peaches, with the help of friends and family, for another new fruit wine. Check them out at Picture 045

The power of wind

Picture 062 I loved seeing huge busses with Vermont license plates parked at Sturgeon’s General Store in Lempster. I had read in the news that Vermont groups were taking trips to the Lempster Wind Farm to see the 12 turbines in action. We were driving on Route 10 last week and decided to take a trip ourselves. It was a hike to get to the wind turbines, but it was worth it. The project reached commercial capacity late last year (November 2008, according to an informational sign) and produces electricity for 10,000 New Hampshire homes (and offsets the carbon dioxide emissions from the 100,000 barrels of oil those households would consume otherwise). I remember reading all the brouhaha in the papers over the wind farm years ago, but I can’t see why anyone would object. There’s something hypnotic about coming into Newport from Route 10 and seeing the wind farm on the ridge in the distance. Or driving further down Route 10, and looking out your side window and realizing how big the wind turbines actually are. As you get closer, you hear a whistling and, in some spots, can feel a breeze. The whole family, three generations, was fascinated. Why don’t you go check them out for yourself?

Picture 105

A really great business sign!

Picture 044

You’ve got to admit – you probably haven’t seen a business sign like this before. The airborne snowmobile marks the business of Tim Hibbard-matics in Lempster. Look for it the next time you’re driving on Route 10.

‘Nuff said