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Ah, fall

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Is it me or did the leaves change overnight? I drove out to Autumn Harvest Farm in Grafton today, and the trees were gorgeous along Route 114 and Route 4A. Now’s the time to see every color- not just the red swamp maples – and there were some striking oranges, but I didn’t get out of the car to take any photos. I was on a mission to get to the farm stand (open year round, by the way) to pick up some fresh vegetables. Not sure how I amassed $40 worth of locally grown and organic food, but I am sure what I am going to cook for dinner tonight: summer squash in butter and garlic. Mmmm, mmmm.

Year-round farm stand

picture-006 Today I ran another Thanksgiving errand – to Autumn Harvest Farm in Grafton. I picked up 15 pounds of fresh turkey, as well as quite a few other things for our Thanksgiving dinner: wine, cheese, potatoes, a loaf of bread, bacon, pepperoni and pickled cauliflower. And the best thing about it: ALL LOCALLY MADE. (I can also skip the busy grocery store line this afternoon.) So if you think farm stands are only available in the summer, think again. Autumn Harvest is open year round, and there were quite a few fresh veggies on hand – such as tomatoes, red peppers and scallions, to name a few – in November! Get directions at picture-009