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Happy Mother’s Day in Goshen

My husband asks me what I’d like to do for Mothers’ Day. I say, “Take pictures in Goshen!” It’s one of the towns I haven’t been to lately in the Kearsarge area, and I need some photos for the town profile.

It takes us 2 hours to load the kids in the car. Okay, I was dawdling a bit – trying to answer some e-mails before I hit the road, shuffling some paper in preparation for a busy Monday – but we finally head out around 2 p.m. Our first stop is the Goshen Grange Hall, a building that has undergone some renovation in the past few years. My hat is off to the volunteers who have spent so much time to save the building, which really is a part of the community (and the community’s history). Two volunteers were kind enough to show me around and give me the head’s up on a calendar they are creating for 2009. (More on that later.) As I’m chatting, I notice my family is nowhere to be found. After a bit of looking, there they are in the brook.

That was the highlight of our trip, no offense to Goshen. Because by that time, everyone had to go to the bathroom. And we were all a bit hungry. (When my husband and my daughter are fighting over the last Tootsie Pop, you know it’s time for dinner.) So I’ll be making another trip to Goshen sometime soon, because I hear that the owner of the Goshen Country Store makes fresh donuts every morning.