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Go Antiquing


Looking for something unique for a specific space in your home? The Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee region has its fair share of antique dealers, many with shops open to the public. Come and enjoy the treasure hunt!


Old Road Antiques
9 Old Sutton Road
(603) 938-2833
The shop has a nice stock of antiques, art and collectibles.

Pleasant Street Furniture & Antiques
149 Pleasant Street
(603) 543-1004
Furniture, vintage clothing, glass, china, jewelry, antiques, art and collectibles — it’s all here at this new Claremont shop.

Covered Bridge Frame Shop & Gallery
916 Main Street
(603) 746-4996
Whether you are looking for antique furniture or want to perfectly preserve a hanging piece with the right frame, this shop has got you covered.

Prospect Hill Antiques
247 Prospect Hill Road
(603) 763-9676
With three floors of antiques and more, take your time — you could spend all day at Prospect Hill Antiques!

The Renaissance Shop
107 Newport Road
(603) 526-6711
Locals donate high-quality antiques — from Wedgewood china to vintage costume jewelry to furniture — to the shop, and proceeds support the Lake Sunapee Region Visiting Nurse Association.

Debi’s Florist
34 Main Street
(603) 863-2855
We like how this florist shop has transformed its front entrance into an antique shop. There are some lovely antiques and collectibles that you may not have seen elsewhere.

oldmotor  SUNAPEE

Sunapee Landing Trading Company
356 Route 103
(603) 863-2275
Bill Corey has been collecting antiques across New England since the 1980s. He brings his eclectic collection to Sunapee; items range from $40 cut glass bowls to $15,000 marble tables.

Can I take your picture?

I guess I’m not the only person who carries a digital camera with them wherever they go. (I mean everywhere. I even carry extra lithium batteries and a charger that I can use in the car.) If I’m in a public place – like a store – I usually ask if it’s okay to snap a photo. I don’t want them to think I’m casing the joint to steal something later. Everyone, so far, says sure – and then they thank me for asking. It strikes me as odd, but maybe here in the Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area everyone is used to visitors and tourists taking photos of things that seem quaint, snapping the green landscape that they don’t get to see in the city or recording the sights and sounds of an event on film. And they are used to people not asking if it is okay. Here’s a few photos of Georges Mills from the parking area at Sargents Marina. There was no one around to ask for permission, but I did check with the two fuzzy dogs who came up to greet me. I think tail wagging and slobber mean yes.