life in the Kearsarge area

what's happening in the Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area of NH

About Laura Jean

Laura Jean is a New Hampshire native — yes, born and raised in the Granite State. Since she’s lived in the Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area for 47, ahem, years, she feels confident that she can recommend a place to eat, shop or stay to anyone who might ask. (Kids under the age of 5? Adults with special needs? Holiday events and activities? She knows ‘em.) Laura Jean has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Boston University and an MBA in innovation management from Syracuse University. She’s the editor of Kearsarge Magazine and Kid Stuff.

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  pat masone wrote @

Hello, Reading your articles was like sitting down to “catch-up” with a friend but without the “cuppa tea”. Just returned from winter in Fl. & happy to say it was our LAST one…I’m So excited to be Home again .Your magazine just gets better & better-keep it up !(my email is not receiving …needs a Dr. I guess.)

  Kathy wrote @

Hi Laura Jean…just came across your article on NH while having coffee this morning in lovely Hunterdon, NJ. I’m looking to move – the house I’m in is being sold. I’m on my own and just love all that NH has to offer. Any suggestions as to where I could look to rent a home near or around a lake? And any ideas on how business is doing up there…I’ll need a job. Your ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Kathy

  Kearsarge Magazine wrote @

How fun! I live in Eastman and I know there are rentals/houses for sale. Try Country Houses or Carol Shepherd Realty. For Lake Sunapee, try New London Agency or Coldwell Banker Milestone. What do you do for work? I can keep my eyes open!

  Kathy wrote @

Hi! Thanks for the info, much appreciated! Well, my work background is pretty varied to say the least…I was a Corporate Event/Trade Show Manager for AT&T International back in the day. That’s what I love, but the workplace has changed and after being laid off I do pretty much anything such as: Inn Keeping (took a course in W. Groton, MA) and did that for a few years, then general office work for a few corporations (as a temp), did wait staff services for private parties (have my food handling cert in NJ – still do this), home care for the elderly, and currently I work in a beautiful garden center in Pittstown, NJ doing plant displays, customer service, etc. (I went to school for Forest Recreation so that helped a bit!)….I was also a Medical Receptionist in Hunterdon Medical Center MRI suite for three months (maternity leave coverage)…forgot that. And finally, I have my certification as an International Tour Director for the New England states (haven’t done that though)…’s tough being a Gemini!!!

I will contact some of the agencies you suggested. I have to be out of this house by Oct. 1 and it’s slim pickins around here! Average rent is $2,200/month! And I LOVE New Hampshire. Thanks for your reply and who knows – something may turn up!!


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