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Hanging out in Newbury

Why, oh, why, didn’t I bring a book? Then I would have stayed all day (well, I would have stayed for the two hours the parking lot allows me) at the public dock in Newbury, N.H. A gorgeous place to take a walk, catch some rays, gaze at the lake and enjoy a few moments of New Hampshire gorgeousness.

IMG_7065  IMG_7069   IMG_7074    IMG_7078    IMG_7081


Sunapee Wheels this Saturday

Antique cars are pieces of history, and art objects. Whether you are a fan of engineering (look at how engines have changed!) or a lover of design (consider the sleek, elegant lines of a 1940s Packard), people of all ages love to see vintage vehicles. And in June, the Sunapee Lions Club gathers enthusiasts from across New England at the annual Sunapee Wheels Antique & Collectible Motor Vehicle Show.

CarNutz2“It is the one of our major fund raising events,” says Jim Currier, chairman of the show and 30-year club member. “The Sunapee Lions usually raise between $6,000 and $8,000. This money is used to fund our many charitable causes.” Locally, the Sunapee Lions Club is well known for ensuring that no one goes without eye care because of costs. The club also donates to dogs for the blind, a horse riding program for disabled children, the Sunapee Food Pantry, college and technical school scholarships, and Student of the Quarter awards for deserving students in Sunapee elementary, middle and high school.

Anyone can enter a vehicle in the show for $20. “The show is popular with local people because it gives an opportunity for them to show their vehicles in a great setting. Anyone can show their vehicle, no matter what shape it is in, and the vehicles are judged by a group of enthusiasts but are not professional judges,” says Currier, who lives in Georges Mills. “There are car clubs that come to the show every year, and some use the event to hold their annual meeting.”

Anyone can attend the show, too; admission is $5. “The show is popular because, with every paid admission, people get a chairlift ride to the summit of Mount Sunapee,” says Currier. “But I like the show because it allows us to work together as Lions and make money for our causes.”

The 2016 Sunapee Wheels Antique & Collectible Motor Vehicle Show is scheduled for Saturday, June 25 (with a rain date for Sunday, June 26) from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Mount Sunapee Resort in Newbury, N.H. Learn more at

Sanctuary Dairy Farm

IMG_7016    I grew up in New Hampshire, where it wasn’t uncommon to drive by a farm with mooing cows and the smell of manure. It’s less common today, but not impossible. In Sunapee, you can take the kids to Sanctuary Dairy Farm to see some farm animals, including goats and donkeys. (I’d suggest just looking, not touching, even though they do get nice and close in case you have a treat.)


Of course, there’s homemade ice cream (so-o-o-o good) and a play area with swings. But I love the views – sky, grass, field, orchard, stable, buildings. On a nice sunny day, you might take your favorite photo, ever. Learn more at


It is easy being green

old barn doorDSCN0041 DSCN0094 DSCN0150

Ah, gardens. A place to sit, relax and commune with nature. Here are a few photos from a garden tour in Newport. Of course I had to throw in a picture of a barn (I love them so). Enjoy the greenery on the screen, but do try to get outside and enjoy some real green as well!

The (relative) quiet of Cascade Marsh


IMG_2150         It’s quiet at Cascade Marsh in Sutton, NH. I’d say, “almost too quiet” – but the mosquitoes are keeping a steady buzz in my ears. Even the annoyance of flying bloodsuckers cannot deter my joy of finding this peaceful spot in Sutton, NH. You can drive your car to a tiny parking area in the woods, then canoe, fish, hike in the area surrounding the marsh (some is conservation land, some is not). There wasn’t much information on the web about this marsh, but I did learn that it was one of the best places in the state to see a pied-billed grebe, a small brown bird that is part submarine. (They are expert divers.) I did not see one, but you might! Just be sure to bring some bug spray.