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New playground in Sunapee

My kids love the playground in Newbury, but as we were on our way we saw another playground up on a hill. In Sunapee, located on the former ski tow hill on Route 103B, the Nona Playground and Tilton Park are officially open. The playground had very different offerings than Newbury, including several features that spin. (Always a hit with kids.) The climbing structures were difficult – you really had to think about where to put your feet – but promoted exercise (there was no easy way to climb up to take the slide down). Tilton Park has hiking trails, a picnic area, and room to play frisbee or football. My only worry: the parking lot just might not be big enough once the word gets out…

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Worth a drive

My photos do not do these chicken spinach samosas justice. And I was too busy eating the peanut curry chicken to stop to take a photo. If you are looking for a day trip, try Windsor, Vt. You can visit Simon Pearce, the American Precision Museum, Harpoon Brewery – and make sure you include a lunch (or dinner) at the new African restaurant on Main Street, Mariam’s. The food was superb.

What happens when you give a camera to a kid

Henry’s view from the backseat of the car:

A farmers’ market in New London

Wow! I was pleased at all the folks at the New London Farmers’ Market. Not just the vendor booths – there was really something for everyone – but the amount of people shopping locally. You could get notecards from Warner artist Mimi Wiggin (look for her turtles on the fall cover of Kearsarge Magazine), a pecan crumble apple pie at Rocky Cannoli’s Red Barn Farm Bakery of Newport, mustard from Moose Country Gourmet of New London, and sign up to have your family’s portrait done with Gary Summerton Photography of Sunapee. I, of course, neglected to take photos of all these cool things and took photos of my daughter getting her face painted! Well there’s always next week!

Blueberries for a good cause

I’ve been picking blueberries in Grantham for years – actually can’t remember how long. And although there have been some changes to the area (a housing development and a recreation park), the blueberry bushes are still there. The only change: the money from the purchase of a pint ($3) now goes toward recreation programs in Grantham. So not only do you get to eat some yummy blueberries, you can support fun town programs at the same time!    

Note: I was not picking blueberries at night. It was 6 p.m., but the flash kept going off!