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Swim, little fishies

The Carter Community Building Association (CCBA) has a really nice, big, warm, blue pool. I had never been in Lebanon’s nonprofit recreational facility before, but my daughter needed swim lessons. She’s been at camp most of the summer, and has started dunking her head in the bathtub, telling me, “Look, I can swim!” (Insert shudder here.) So I signed her up for Goldfish lessons, the beginner level, because I had no idea of her skill level.    Turns out she does have some skills…and no fear. The instructor evaluated her and graduated her to the next class. It will be interesting to see how she fares this Saturday with a more experienced swimming group. But I guess as long as she can jump (i.e., cannonball) into the instructor’s arms, she’ll be happy.

Someone’s in the kitchen

I’m trying to get four magazines to press, but the call of fresh fruits and veggies make me want to make jelly! Make pickles! Make zucchini relish! So far I’ve made four batches of jam – strawberry, raspberry, triple berry and blueberry. I’m thinking I need one more batch of blueberry, because the berries – at least at Juniper Hill in Grantham – are super tart right now. (Seven cups of sugar in the jelly recipe do balance that out, but I think if the berries get more sun they’ll be tastier in a week.)

I also made 4 batches of bread and butter pickles, with a box of 20 pounds of pickling cukes I picked up at Springledge Farm in New London. My husband says, “Why are you doing this?” And I answered, “Because the produce isn’t going to wait for me!” I found two folks who have those big, bat zucchinis (the kind that no one can sell retail), so I’ll be in the kitchen next week, too. Good news is: two magazines will be off to press by then. Whew!

More retail in The Gallery

Last year, my mom and I shopped in Henniker for the day. I remembered this cute shop with country home decor and unique antiques. Well, now the store has moved from Henniker to Newport Road in New London. From House Too Home, in a former financial advisor location in The Gallery,  has rooms of gifts and goodies. Be sure to check it out the next time you’re getting your  hair cut, getting some artwork framed or picking up Chinese food. (Yes, there’s a lot to do in the Gallery now!)

The view’s still great

I don’t know why Groton is all het up over windmills. They don’t ruin the view. They aren’t that loud (it just sounds like ocean waves if it is a windy day). They don’t kill birds; I saw plenty of them. There won’t be any housing developments going in; the windmills serve as a conservation easement of sorts. And they’re a much better option than all that black goop washing up on beaches. I spent hours with a homeowner in Lempster this week, met the folks that build and maintain the windmills, and took plenty of photos. I learned a lot. I learned things I didn’t know. And, frankly, if the cows don’t mind the windmills, neither do I.

Have you seen the white rabbit?

What fun! A free performance of “Alice in Wonderland” on the side lawn of the Richards Free Library and Library Arts Center. My 5-year-old daughter loved the one-hour play, specifically she loved the silliness of  the characters such as the Red Queen, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. She was itching to go up on stage, as the actors from the Hampstead Stage company included kids in their production whenever they could. Thanks to everyone involved for making the summer performance series for kids so fun: the Friends of the Richards Free Library, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and the Library Arts Center for letting everyone in when it started to rain.