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Happy Halloween!

Picture 053

Got your flu shot yet?

This video, Gimme 3 Shots, by Valley Regional Hospital might inspire you:

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Good sandwich

In the middle of running my errands, I realized I was hungry. Real hungry. But I didn’t want to go to a chain (I wanted to spend my dollars locally) and I was by myself (with no book to read), so I didn’t want a sit-down restaurant meal. I went down a side street – Glidden Street – that I don’t usually take, and there was my answer: Elaini’s Greek Cuisine. I ordered a souvlaki wrap to go. I thought I might sneak a bite in the car, then eat the rest of the sandwich when I arrived at my next destination. Well,  that one bite was pretty yummy. I kept eating – ignoring the cucumbers that occasionally rolled down my shirt –  and finished it off  in the car. It wasn’t until later that I noticed that I cut my face on the tin foil surrounding the sandwich. How’s that for a testimonial? That souvlaki wrap was so good that I didn’t notice my face was scratched and bleeding! If you’re in town, I recommend trying them out for lunch – or ordering something to bring home for dinner. I wish I lived in town – I’m thinking about mousaka (a lasagna type dish with eggplant and ground beef). Yummy.

Leaves and snow

Picture 007

Wait! It can’t snow – I haven’t raked yet!

An artful day

Picture 025 Sure, Columbus Day means that you might get a three-day weekend, but it also means that you might be able to visit an open studio of a local artist. I was driving along Route 4A and saw signs out for an open house. Ann Feeley – a Wilmot artist who sculpts in marble, bronze and clay – was welcoming folks into her gallery and studio. Her work is lovely, and I plan to return to learn more. Next door, Margaret Howe opened up her late husband’s studio, so folks could see the works of the talented Townsend Howe as well as her talented son Paul Howe, a local photographer. It was a pleasure to tour her home and see Townsend’s work in a real life setting. (Below is a photo of his artwork on the front porch.)  I entered to win a painting (wouldn’t that be nice?) and met another local artist, Loa Winter, who was also visiting. I am fortunate to have one of Loa’s paintings in my front hall. I’m certainly no artist (unless crafting with words counts), but I feel an urge to take a class to learn how to be one. Just need to decide which medium…   Picture 031

Fall foliage, part two

Picture 006

The colors are lovely – but I do wish the sun would come out! I saw this tree while on a back road in Washington. The sun was shining, but was hidden by gray rain clouds by the time I turned back around to take a photo. It’s still pretty though.

Red, yellow, orange

Picture 016

Here’s one fall foliage shot in Alstead. I’ll work on getting some more this week!