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Come play at Artisan’s

Happy, happy! Today is the one-year birthday of Artisan’s of New London in their new location in the Kidder Building on Main Street in New London. Be sure to stop by to say hello to Marcy, Amy and the crew; snack on some birthday treats; and pop a balloon to receive a discount, promotion or gift. It’s great to hear Marcy talk about her shop. It’s how a business owner should feel about their business – happy, proud, kind of like a parent! Here she is in her own words: “It is truly a place that I walk through the door and feel ‘at home’ in… it brings a smile to my face. It’s far more than a place filled with things… it brings out the artist in everyone, and that’s a good reason to celebrate!”

I’ve been a longtime customer, oh, say maybe 15 years at the very least. My dad’s a good gift giver – he knows that gifts should be a tad luxurious, a treat rather than a practical purchase – and when I was home on Christmas break from college he’d take me to Artisan’s to pick out something shiny, new earrings or a necklace. Over the years, it was where I went to get my friends’ birthday, wedding and, later, baby gifts. (I still treat myself once in a while, too!)

You better believe it will be a fun party. More from Marcy: “We are so excited about it, and thrilled with the overwhelming support we have received from our amazing customers,” says Marcy. “As much as this, I am so delighted that I have such an amazing group of people who make Artisan’s possible. From our wonderful Amy Witmer, manager extraordinaire, who treats the business as though it were her own, to our amazing staff, who have put their time, energy, and ideas into making Artisan’s what it is. That staff includes our employees, and also friends and people in the community… for example, our windows which are done every 1-2 weeks are by Kathy Noordsij and Nina McDonough… two talented individuals who thrive on such creative opportunities, and who make us even better by showcasing in our large Main Street windows. To Jody Demske who randomly stopped by and asked us if we needed our window boxes done, and then went on to create the most amazing outdoor display with lights and greenery during the holiday season (we can’t wait to see what she comes up with for our summer months). Our customers, many who are long term and have grown up with Artisan’s, and those who walk in for the very first time… Our artists who make who we are possible. We’ll have balloons, treats,and prizes… and all of our Adirondack chairs, which we have been working to clean up from last year, will be outside on our front lawn by that day… so come over to say hello, or just hang out on one of our bright Adirondacks with a cup of tea… come play!”

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