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Happy birthday Deck Dock

picture-022In March 2000, Deck Dock first opened its doors in Sunapee Harbor. It’s been in two locations (harbor and Route 103B). It had primarily gifts, then added a successful outdoor furniture line (or two or three). Now its March 2009, and Deck Dock is still here. The big red barn is full of treasures, including local artwork, birdhouses, wind chimes, jewelry, outdoor furniture (including beautiful mosaic tables) and lakeside accents. (Check out the wooden signs designed for Lake Sunapee, like the one pictured here. Love it!) Happy 10th birthday to Lynne and Mary and the rest of the Deck Dock staff – may you have many, many more!

Blue skies are back

picture-038Look up and you’ll see blue, blue skies, like this one behind the Community United Methodist Church in Sunapee. Makes you hopeful that spring is on the way. But don’t look down. Then you’ll see the mud ruts filled with ice, like the one here in front of the Sawyer Trail, just down the road in Sunapee.


Where customers come first

picture-012 I had an hour of free time, so I thought I’d take myself out to lunch. I stopped at Double Diamond Cafe, located at 563 Route 103 in Sunapee, where the menu items have a ski theme. A “mogul” is not a mound of snow, but three eggs scrambled with sausage, ham and cheese. I had a lodge for lunch – not a building filled with skiiers but a club sandwich with turkey and bacon from North Country Smokehouse in Claremont. I was plowing through my fries when I realized that I had better eat my sandwich. I took a bite, and no bacon. I kept eating the wedge, thinking that it must be in there somewhere, but it wasn’t. I asked the waitress – maybe it didn’t say bacon on the menu? – but she apologized and gave me the sandwich for free. It was not necessary, but very much appreciated. I mean, how many times have you been at a restaurant, pointed out a mistake – and they do nothing? Or make you feel bad for pointing it out? Customer service really stands out these days – and it’s a rare gem when you find it. So do stop by the cafe and support a local restaurant who treats their customers well. You can get their hours and directions on the Web at picture-0061


picture-008 I was on a mission for a birthday present for a party my daughter is going to attend later this month, and bought everything but. There’s a  toy shop, above the Lemon Twist on 406 Main Street, that has oodles of fun things. I particularly liked the use of a white rattan couch as a place for all stuffed animals and dolls to  hang out. Stop in if you’re looking for a gift (maybe to replace candy in an Easter basket)?. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll even find a dancing robot for your desk at work.

Dine in or take out

It felt like a Friday night in Newport. The grocery store was packed, the traffic was backed up on Main Street and you missed the green light on the first try. But it was Thursday, and Newport was hopping. I hadn’t been to the new Jiffy Mart on John Stark Highway, so I was surprised at how large it was inside. In addition to the regular convenience store merchandise, there’s a huge, walk-in cooler with beverages of all kinds; a nice seating area with booths and tables; a Subway; and a Ramuntos Pizza Express. I picked up the “family special,” which was two large pizzas, garlic knots and a two-liter bottle of coke. It was only $23 – a good deal considering my husband and I have eaten at the Hanover and Lebanon locations  and spent that much on five slices with drinks. On my way back to the car,  a man saw my dinner to go and said, “I’m coming to your house!” I replied, “There might not be much left – three kids will be beating you to it!”

Great time to ski


That groundhog was right. It’s still winter and it’s still snowing. Good news is that is has been a great ski season for downhill and cross country skiers alike. I was in New London yesterday and, although the road had not been plowed yet, there were tire tracks going into the Pine Hill Ski Area. Now that’s dedication! You’ll see that a yellow moose is the ski area’s mascot; the spring issue of Kearsarge Magazine has the story of the moose, if you’d like to learn more about these funny guys.

Going to the movies

I used to go to the movies every week. In college, my friend Beth and I would see every new movie that came out – from cartoons to comedies to dramas to Indie films. It was our time to catch up, eat salty popcorn (balancing it between bites of chocolate), and escape to a different world for two hours. Then, as a single girl, I went to the movies with potential suitors. Some dates were awkward (one guy only laughed at a movie scene after I did) but some were great fun (a group of us had too many margaritas before one comedy). When my husband and I were married, we continued to go to the movies every week right up until the birth of our first child. Let’s just skip ahead and say that, with two small children, we’re lucky to see one or two movies a year!

We got a babysitter for Sunday afternoon and headed to Claremont Cinema Center on Washington Street. Longtime Claremont residents will remember that this location used to be a grocery store. Now it is six, big, comfortable theaters. It’s by far my favorite theater in the Upper Valley (one is always too dirty and the other is too crowded). We went to see the Watchman, which we both liked, but it was spoiled by a parent who brought two small children (under the age of 10) with him. This R-rated film had parts that would give me nightmares, so imagine what it would do to these children, who asked to go home. We weren’t sure who to talk to about this – should we have said something to the parent or said something to the movie theater owner, who took the money for the seats for those two small children? Please post a comment with your thoughts.