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Let it snow

picture-002 There’s nothing like 15.5 inches of snow to make you feel like a kid again. I took the kids outside in the late afternoon to enjoy the white stuff but, frankly, there was too much! Too much for sliding – the sled just sunk down a foot and wouldn’t budge unless I pulled it (which I did). Too much for shoveling – our snowbanks were already so high that I couldn’t add any more to the top. Too much for walking – we shuffled around for a half hour in our bulky snowpants but only made it down the driveway. Too fluffy for snowman building – it just sifted through our gloves no matter how hard we tried to pack it. It was still fun – and, in my kids’ eyes, better than a school day any day! picture-012

Not closed, just moved

picture-045 It didn’t matter what store she was in, Zoie Parent would be asked questions about the other store. She’d be in Wire Whisk, and someone would ask her to look at a ring – did it need repair? She’d be in Natalie’s and someone would ask her if the Wire Whisk had any lemon graters. So Zoie made two retail locations into one, which I think was a great idea. Enter the New London shop from the Main Street door and you’ll see the clothing of Natalie’s. Just beyond it are the jewelry counters of MoRae. Simon Pearce products link the jewelry area to Wire Whisk, a kitchen shop. The retail space flows nicely from one set of products to the other; there’s no general store hodgepodge feeling here. Of course she’s getting the inevitable questions about the state of her balance sheet, but you have to admit that in this economy one location makes good business sense. And maybe this summer she’ll be able to spend more time with her adorable family.


The next time you think you’re cold

Just feel bad for these guys. It was “Ice Day” in North Sutton on Sunday. It was 5 degrees, without accounting for the wind chill on the lake. Then you get up to Musterfield Farm and it is a whopping 11 degrees. It was a good day to be an ice block, however.


I’ll be writing more on Ice Day in the winter 2009 issue of Kearsarge Magazine, so you’ll just have to wait to learn this history of this event on the farm.

Stone Arch Bakery

Okay, this was not planned, but it seems that this was a bakery weekend for me. Today my husband and I stopped by Stone Arch Bakery on 39 Main Street in Claremont. We thought we’d pick up a loaf of bread. My husband sees a bunch of honey oatmeal loaves on one counter, but they are not labeled and not priced. So he asks the guy behind the counter about them. Turns out they are a batch that didn’t rise as expected, so they aren’t for sale…but we can try one if we’d like. So we take a free loaf and buy a second loaf and guess what? They were both good! It’ll be a great week for toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.

I did pick up an m&m blond brownie but, sorry folks, no photos of my food today!

Main Street Bakery

I was finally able to check out the Main Street Bakery, located at 12 Main Street in Newport. I’ve been meaning to stop by for weeks, but I pick up my daughter from Newport Montessori School at 2:30 – and the bakery closes at 1 p.m. Today was early release Friday, so I was in town at noon – perfect timing. I should know better than to go into a bakery on an empty stomach, but I was happy to find that the new bakery offers homemade soup. Every day there are two different offerings – Friday’s specials were meatball and cream of mushroom – and a roll or a piece of bread are complementary. A small soup (12 ounces) is $3 – a good deal, if you ask me. And because you didn’t overindulge at lunch, you can pick up a sweet treat for dessert or a later afternoon snack. I purchased two chocolate toffee bars (75 cents each) to bring back to the office to share…a big hit. Stop by the next time you are looking for a breakfast sandwich (Anna and Jenn even make the English muffins) or some hot soup on a cold winter day.                  picture-012

It’s cold outside!

Brrrr…it’s been a long week of negative degree weather. After he drove the kids to school one morning, my husband marveled that it was -10 at the top of  our hill and -25 in town. Good thing there’s no wind; you can almost not notice how cold it is going from house to car. But if you’re outside any longer than that, oh, you’ll notice.

This morning I peeked at the thermometer and was pleased to see that the temperature was above the zero mark. It was also snowing. I hear 8 to 10 inches, but, hey, I’ll take it if it means warmer weather!

Num yummy

picture-001 I have a new favorite food: garlic nachos. I met a friend for lunch in Concord and we went to Hermanos Cocina Mexicana on 11 Hills Avenue. The nachos came first (and fast) and they were so very good. A layer of homemade corn tortilla chips topped with jalapenos, cheese (a Monterey jack/cheddar blend), and garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. I actually couldn’t talk for several minutes as each nacho tasted better than the last. I thought maybe I could duplicate it at home, but my friend said there was a secret ingredient – garlic infused olive oil – drizzled on the top. All I know is that I’ll be driving down to Concord much more frequently now. Thanks, Bruce and Jane, for a wonderful lunch.

PS: For those of you who watch television commercials, like I do, you’ll recognize num yummy. An office worker is in his cubicle eating soup for lunch, and the name plate maker (for lack of a better word) comes along and asks him his name. All he can say is “yum, num yummy.” And that is what his name plate ends up reading: num yummy. Cracks me up every time. When I was an office worker, I would have loved to have a silly name on my cubicle wall!