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What is art?

picture-075 I took a trip for my birthday – back to my stomping grounds of Boston to visit my friend from graduate school. We headed over to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the new exhibits. I have to say that some perplexed me – is this art? – but I loved the two new photography exhibits. A portrait photographer from Canada – Yousuf Karsh – had a real talent for capturing the personality of the subject. Just seeing the photo of the celebrity (or statesman) was like meeting the person, shaking his/her hand. Inspires me to do a bit better with my little camera.

Then we headed over to Copley Place to see different items of beauty – for example, $1,000+  handbags at Louis Vuitton. My old apartment was on Beacon Street, five blocks from Copley,  so I used to spend a lot of time walking through it (you thought I was going to say shopping, didn’t you?) on the way home from school and work. The sparkle of high-end merchandising is still compelling – the glittering jewels of Tiffany, the aromas from the gold boxes of the Godiva Shop, the shiny patent leather high heel shoes that look purple in one light, brown in another. The word “recession” was not spoken in these decorated halls – it was holiday shopping as usual. I particularly liked the decorations – try hanging this bad boy on your tree!     picture-087

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