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No electricity?

picture-011 Have I got an idea for a snow-day project  – gingerbread houses. We were without power for 22 hours, but fortunately I had gingerbread house materials on hand: gingerbread cookies (surprisingly good wheat free/dairy free by Jo-sef), three tubes of frosting, skittles, lifesavers, sprinkles (multicolored and stars), smarties and a tub of pink frosting. The kids and I each grabbed a plate and made an attempt at either a train or a house. For an hour we glued with frosting, let go and watched it fall, added more frosting, watched it fall, added MORE frosting and propped it up with another cookie, then covered it with candy. We were able to keep two houses standing, but the larger one suffered a devastating roof collapse.    picture-013

After we finished, the power was still out, the sun had set, the candles were lit, and two little faces looked at me and said, we’re bored.

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  Aaron Aldridge wrote @

I co-host the morning show on WNTK. I think this would make a nice human interest story. Sent me an e-mail if you would like to go on the air.

Aaron Aldridge
99.7 WNTK

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