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Don’t look, but I’m buying your birthday present

I was so excited to see the “open” flag flying at North Country Dolls in Grantham. Edith Willis makes clothing for American Girl dolls, and she has a small shop located behind the post office. My daughter, Lucy, received Baby Pete (actually a girl doll) for her birthday last year and I picked up two additional outfits at North Country Dolls. But as we dressed Baby Pete last week, we noticed that her overalls were stained and velcro wasn’t as sticky as it should have been on the diaper.

After Lucy’s dance class at Dancers’ Inc., I asked her to wait in the car with her brother as I ran into the shop. Baby Pete is now the proud owner of some big girl undies (say goodbye to the diaper), a matching t-shirt as well as some new jeans. I bought a few extra outfits, but stocked them away for Lucy’s birthday in July. (Don’t tell her.) If you’re American Girl doll needs some duds, I highly recommend giving Edith a call at (603) 863-2598. She’ll open the shop for you if she is home.

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