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Visiting my peeps

It was such a nice day that I decided to leave the my desk and visit some folks. I asked my mom to go with me – a great way to combine work with a little mother/daughter time. We headed off to Newbury, where I stopped in to take some photos at Sunapee Landing Trading Company (see April xx blog). No matter how many times we circled the store, I still don’t think we saw everything. Bill even opened a new room and filled it with antiques.

Then we went to Bubba’s for lunch. I ordered a shrimp appetizer and a cobb salad, and both were really yummy. My mom ordered the cobb sandwich and sweet potato fries. The service was great – our waitress didn’t rush us nor did she forget about us. We were done in an hour.

After Bubba’s, we headed to Sunapee Harbor to check out MoRae’s new location (lovely) and Harbor Gallery’s progress in the new first-level space (getting there). Then we actually had time to stop at Artisan’s and get a baby gift for one of the magazine’s writers. Although it wasn’t a sales day for me (I didn’t sell ads), I sure did provide some sales for other folks! Just doing my job to support the local economy…ha ha.

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