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That’s the sound I hear in my ears….bzzzz. Two weeks ago, I stopped at Kathan Gardens in Newport and bought four tiny tomato plants. The weatherman said that there was going to be one last frost, so I left them on my kitchen counter, just in case. Last week, I went into the storage area (a scary, scary place at our house) and pulled out the pot, potting soil and wire contraption (the thing that helps the plants stand?) for my tomato plants. That was enough; the flies were in my ears looking for a place to snack.

On Sunday morning, while it was still early, I thought it would be cool enough to sneak out and finish the job. (Maybe the black flies weren’t up yet.) My daughter, Lucy, wanted to help. We got the pot filled with dirt, then I looked up to grab the plants and there were swarms of flies around her little head. I looked out from under my bangs and realized that I had the same moving black cloud. We put down our shovels and went back inside.

Yesterday I tried again. It was cold (51 degrees) and windy – not a black fly in sight. We got the tomatoes planted, some random seeds that came in the mail as a promotion, and a vinca vine that Lucy gave me for Mother’s Day. Now, you would think that growing up in New Hampshire that I’d be used to the black flies by now – or at least own a mesh covered hat – but I always forget how bad they are for that one month (Mother’s Day to Father’s Day). Good thing the only gardening I do in the spring is tomatoes.

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