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Don’t look, but I’m buying your birthday present

I was so excited to see the “open” flag flying at North Country Dolls in Grantham. Edith Willis makes clothing for American Girl dolls, and she has a small shop located behind the post office. My daughter, Lucy, received Baby Pete (actually a girl doll) for her birthday last year and I picked up two additional outfits at North Country Dolls. But as we dressed Baby Pete last week, we noticed that her overalls were stained and velcro wasn’t as sticky as it should have been on the diaper.

After Lucy’s dance class at Dancers’ Inc., I asked her to wait in the car with her brother as I ran into the shop. Baby Pete is now the proud owner of some big girl undies (say goodbye to the diaper), a matching t-shirt as well as some new jeans. I bought a few extra outfits, but stocked them away for Lucy’s birthday in July. (Don’t tell her.) If you’re American Girl doll needs some duds, I highly recommend giving Edith a call at (603) 863-2598. She’ll open the shop for you if she is home.

Visiting my peeps

It was such a nice day that I decided to leave the my desk and visit some folks. I asked my mom to go with me – a great way to combine work with a little mother/daughter time. We headed off to Newbury, where I stopped in to take some photos at Sunapee Landing Trading Company (see April xx blog). No matter how many times we circled the store, I still don’t think we saw everything. Bill even opened a new room and filled it with antiques.

Then we went to Bubba’s for lunch. I ordered a shrimp appetizer and a cobb salad, and both were really yummy. My mom ordered the cobb sandwich and sweet potato fries. The service was great – our waitress didn’t rush us nor did she forget about us. We were done in an hour.

After Bubba’s, we headed to Sunapee Harbor to check out MoRae’s new location (lovely) and Harbor Gallery’s progress in the new first-level space (getting there). Then we actually had time to stop at Artisan’s and get a baby gift for one of the magazine’s writers. Although it wasn’t a sales day for me (I didn’t sell ads), I sure did provide some sales for other folks! Just doing my job to support the local economy…ha ha.

Anyone have $2.75 million I can borrow?

Man oh man, I could get used to the view at Foxstand in Springfield. The Grantham and Lake Sunapee Region Chamber held a joint mixer there tonight and it was just spectacular. Salt hill catered the event, there was an open bar and Promania Rentals provided the tent (complete with windowlike panels). You could tour the facility – used for weddings, reunions, conferences and the like – or just sit under the tent and gaze at the view of Mount Sunapee and Lake Sunapee. That’s what I did and, like a dunce, I didn’t take any photos of the landscape! Well, Foxstand is for sale (see the realtor page on if anyone is interested. I’d love to live there, but I’m telling you right now – I would have a hard time taking my eyes off the view. I’d have to position the computer to just under the window…  

Change is good

Wow! There’s a whole lot of new stuff happening in the area. LisAnn’s moved to a new location on Main Street. The store is slightly bigger – 100 square feet bigger – but it seems huge! The windows – instead of just the front window there’s several throughout the store – also add some great natural lighting. If you haven’t stopped in, you should. There’s still some unpacking to do but the store, on its second day in the old Snyder’s Restaurant building, really looks great. I understand that Screwie Lewiez is moving to the College Cafe part of the building, which will be a big hit with the Colby-Sawyer crowd. I stopped in at the Newport location one afternoon and was really pleased with the vegetarian slice.

I poked my head in at MoRae Jewelers and Natalie’s, hoping to catch Zoie. That spitfire opened a second location in Sunapee Harbor last weekend. Since I had my head in my renovation project (see the May 26 blog for details) over Memorial Day, I wanted to see how opening weekend was. Instead I caught up with Pipere Sailer, one of Kearsarge Magazine’s photographers, who is working at the store.

Did you know that 14 Carrots now has seating for those who would like to dine in? You can pick up a healthy lunch – ready-made sandwiches, soups and salads – and sit at one of two tables to enjoy it. I didn’t have time for lunch today, but I did pick up some organic shampoo. The beauty aisle is one of my all time favorite places in the world; I could spend hours (and many, many dollars) looking at the organic or all natural shampoos, soaps, lotions, bath bubbles, chapsticks, make up, etc., etc. So much fun and so good for you, too.

Think out of the box

And by box, I mean the 5 by 7 foot room that is my downstairs bathroom. I’ve spent the last two days in there – stripping popcorn paint off the ceiling, spackling, sanding and painting it “radiant white.” Not sure what got into me. I mean, it was Memorial Day. The long weekend should be spent relaxing, enjoying backyard cookouts and parades. But I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to redo the bathroom. So out came the 1970s lime green vanity (so hard to match with towels), backstage lighting (four bulbs on each side of the mirror), and linoleum. My dad helped me with the new sconces and cabinet. Hopefully next week the tile and the new vanity will be installed. I don’t think I’ll get the renovating bug for a while – my arms were sore from two days of ceiling work and it was painful to brush my hair this morning. We’ll see…there’s still the upstairs bathroom in a similar sunshine yellow and peeling popcorn paint.


That’s the sound I hear in my ears….bzzzz. Two weeks ago, I stopped at Kathan Gardens in Newport and bought four tiny tomato plants. The weatherman said that there was going to be one last frost, so I left them on my kitchen counter, just in case. Last week, I went into the storage area (a scary, scary place at our house) and pulled out the pot, potting soil and wire contraption (the thing that helps the plants stand?) for my tomato plants. That was enough; the flies were in my ears looking for a place to snack.

On Sunday morning, while it was still early, I thought it would be cool enough to sneak out and finish the job. (Maybe the black flies weren’t up yet.) My daughter, Lucy, wanted to help. We got the pot filled with dirt, then I looked up to grab the plants and there were swarms of flies around her little head. I looked out from under my bangs and realized that I had the same moving black cloud. We put down our shovels and went back inside.

Yesterday I tried again. It was cold (51 degrees) and windy – not a black fly in sight. We got the tomatoes planted, some random seeds that came in the mail as a promotion, and a vinca vine that Lucy gave me for Mother’s Day. Now, you would think that growing up in New Hampshire that I’d be used to the black flies by now – or at least own a mesh covered hat – but I always forget how bad they are for that one month (Mother’s Day to Father’s Day). Good thing the only gardening I do in the spring is tomatoes.

I left my house

After scheduling and rescheduling four times, I did meet my friend Janet for lunch. We went to Bistro Nouveau in Grantham. It was pretty busy for a Friday, including a huge group of golfers on the porch. Not sure how much they were eating…but they were keeping the bar pretty busy. We, of course, were eating. We both ordered the specials – a chicken wrap with sweet potato fries, photo for your perusal. Then we both, of course, ordered dessert. I had the four layer chocolate dessert I always get, and Janet tried the creme brulee. (Yes, another photo for you.) But after sharing my chocolate extravaganza, she had to take her dessert home. Not sure how the waiter got it out of the scalloped dish and into a box…I’m sure it wasn’t pretty, but I bet still tasted good. If you’re ever in Grantham, be sure to stop in for a meal.

I haven’t left my house

Launch a new web site – and a blog – and look what happens. I don’t leave my house. I’m chained to my email. I am actually here to answer the phone. (Usually I am not.) Overall, this is a good thing, because it means the site is speaking to people. (320 visits since launch means that folks are finding it.) But I’ll try to get out and do something fun today, and write about it. I do have a lunch planned with a good friend (and fellow writer) at a local restaurant. Stay tuned.

Happy Mother’s Day in Goshen

My husband asks me what I’d like to do for Mothers’ Day. I say, “Take pictures in Goshen!” It’s one of the towns I haven’t been to lately in the Kearsarge area, and I need some photos for the town profile.

It takes us 2 hours to load the kids in the car. Okay, I was dawdling a bit – trying to answer some e-mails before I hit the road, shuffling some paper in preparation for a busy Monday – but we finally head out around 2 p.m. Our first stop is the Goshen Grange Hall, a building that has undergone some renovation in the past few years. My hat is off to the volunteers who have spent so much time to save the building, which really is a part of the community (and the community’s history). Two volunteers were kind enough to show me around and give me the head’s up on a calendar they are creating for 2009. (More on that later.) As I’m chatting, I notice my family is nowhere to be found. After a bit of looking, there they are in the brook.

That was the highlight of our trip, no offense to Goshen. Because by that time, everyone had to go to the bathroom. And we were all a bit hungry. (When my husband and my daughter are fighting over the last Tootsie Pop, you know it’s time for dinner.) So I’ll be making another trip to Goshen sometime soon, because I hear that the owner of the Goshen Country Store makes fresh donuts every morning.

Marble orchards

I love old cemeteries. Last year I was fascinated with farmers markets, the year before I was on a foliage hunt. This year, I can’t drive by a cemetery without stopping. These are a few shots from West Part Cemetery in New London. At least I think it was West Part. There were two cemeteries side by side – one old, one new – divided by a stone wall. And one sign. What I like about the photo below is that although the stone is dated 1801, the etching looked like it was done yesterday. Some folks don’t like cemeteries, but I think they provide a wonderful sense of history. Stop by and take a walk the next time you drive by a local cemetery. You’ll be glad you did.