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Art of nature

A Mauli creation   Sometimes people are so talented it’s all you can do not to say, “Holy smokes, you can DO that?” In the Lake Sunapee/Kearsarge area we have some seriously creative and artistic folks. I stopped in to Art of Nature to check out what is new (my bad, I hadn’t been to the new location next to Ellen’s Interiors yet) and fell in love with the creativity of artist Mauli McDonald.



Now, I have small children, so some of what she does wouldn’t work for my household. The bird’s nests, feathers, antlers, bee hives and flowers in the arrangements would be magnets for curious little fingers. But at least I can drool over her creations in her botanical design studio and store (love that description) in New London. And when the kids are off to college and I’ve retired to that cabin or cottage in the woods, guess who I’m going to call first?  


Don’t forget that Mauli also creates fresh arrangements. I didn’t get to see any (as she was cleaning out the cooler before a trip), but I imagine that they are quite beautiful. She also has a nice selection of feathers, rocks, eggs, dried starfish and other items from nature if you’ve got a project in mind.

I smell GREAT!

I love handmade soap. My favorite right now is one made by Diane Taylor, which she calls Domestic Delights. I bought her peppermint soap last year at a craft fair in the basement of the Grantham church and loved the soap’s zip in the morning. This time I purchased the avocado lemon lime and it is amazing! The avocado moisturizes — but you don’t feel greasy — and the lemon/lime smells clean and fresh. You can’t see me, but I am doing a little happy dance because I love this soap so much. If you are thinking about Christmas gifts think about a locally made soap.  Kearsarge Magazine will be profiling several soap makers in the summer 2008 issue.  


I also picked up an all natural, hand cut shampoo bar made by Ark of Safety, a small family business in West Newbury, VT. I have been using a shampoo bar made in New Hampshire off and on since the 1980s, but always smelled like a wet dog. This was Pearberry shampoo, and my hair smelled clean. I highly recommend it. You can find them at